Great and Beautiful Rooftop Garden Idea

Having a cool and beautiful garden is one of the biggest dream of many people around the world. They usually build a garden at backyard of their house. In fact, do you know that you can also build a garden at your rooftop of house? In this case, the writer would like to show you some great and beautiful rooftop garden idea which can be inspiring you.

Let us begin from a large rooftop garden which is built on an apartment building. The idea can be seen in the image showed. There is big apartment building which has fantastically great garden on its rooftop. As you can see, the rooftop has such a round shape and there are a lot of plants there. The green plants on this rooftop makes the building look so natural and fresh.

You probably don’t have an apartment, but a house. A house actually can also be decorated with a rooftop garden. In this case, you just need to design your rooftop with special design that can load some plants. The sample is showed in the picture, this rooftop garden is quite simple and it is like a patio. Moreover, it is also completed with some chairs or couch for sitting. In this garden, you can put some flowers or other plants with green color.

Many more idea of rooftop garden that can be made easily. You can design the rooftop with wooden design. This concept can be the simplest one and then you can add some small plants for the decoration.

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