Awesome and Creative Bamboo Home Design Idea

Traditional house can be one of the greatest dreams for many rich people all around the world. They feel bored to have a modern home, they sometimes need a traditional home. There are so many ideas and designs of traditional homes that you can have. One of which is a bamboo home design idea which looks so classic and creative for you to have one.

We can begin from a small bamboo home theme which is showed in the image below. This house is not totally made of bamboo, it is just some of the parts are made of bamboo like the door design and the ceiling design. As you can see, the door is made of small bamboo with wooden frame. And the ceiling uses big bamboo which looks so adorable.

Instead of for interior design, bamboo theme can also be applied for exterior design. For example, you can design your house fence with bamboo made. This idea can be seen in the image, there is a modern home which is decorated with classic and rustic bamboo fence outdoor. This bamboo fence looks so great although it is applied on modern home.

Or you probably prefer a full bamboo made house. In this case, you can build a small house which is made of bamboo in all its corner. The sample can be seen in the image, there is small bamboo made house which is built in a hill with forest environment. This house has wall which is made of bamboo, floor made of bamboo, and deck made of bamboo as well.

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